Todays Picture

Todays Picture
Squinty Bridge Glasgow

Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Things You Find.

Fairly regularly, I have to go searching my film negative files for client requests.

This is always interesting. Those of you who remember negatives will know that it is a very therapeutic experience. Alright, it's great having a load of instant positive images
on screen as it is with digital stuff but you can't beat looking at negs on a light box with the old lupe eye piece.

I scanned these two for different reasons. The wedding photo is a favourite of mine that I had completely forgotton about. The groom was really happy and when I saw him doing his party piece jump, I had to ask him to do it again for me.

The black and white shot was from the days when news photos were still being shot on B&W film stock and it had me thinking. The lady is one Madame Valentino Tereshkova and she is receiving an honourary degree from Edinburgh University back in 1990. I couldn't remember her claim to fame until I googled her name.

Who is she I hear you ask? The first woman in space no less.


Neither of these shots were the one's I was looking for, they merely caught my eye in the search. I think about an hour passed before I dragged myself away from the files.
I had no resistance whatsoever to their allure.