Todays Picture

Todays Picture
Squinty Bridge Glasgow

Monday, 23 April 2007

Falkirk v St Mirren 24.4.07.

My main reason for being at the match tonight was to get some PR photos on behalf of my
biggest client Kier Homes. As well as being major sponsors of the club, they also help the community of Falkirk in many other ways. In this case, the Brae's High School had asked them to help out with their " Red Nose " fund raising evening. MD of Falkirk FC,
George Craig, along with new signing Carl Finnigan turned up on the night and helped boost funds by being auctioneers. Kier Homes had donated a couple of i Pod shuffles as
part of the evenings lots. The winners are seen with John " Yogi" Hughes before the match kicked off. I decided to do some sports photos from track side but in such events you never know the moment when something unusual might present itself.

A rare Saturday off.

Saturday 21 April, was unusual for me, as I found myself with no work to do.I bought
an all day ticket for the underground and set off. First stop was the Shell World Wildlife photographic awards at the famous Scotland Street School, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. All of the images were stunning. I would have been proud to have taken any of them.

I headed back into the city and had a coffee and a piece of cheesecake in a trendy cafe on Ingram Street. Feeling refreshed I stepped outside onto the pavement and quite literally, ten meters and slowly walking toward me was the legendary Billy Connolly out for a stroll with I presume, some of his family.In my younger days this was money in the bank as the Sunday tabloids love that sort of stuff. I decided to leave him alone as he looked very happy and content. I would probably have ruined his walk if I had started taking photos.

Next stop was the Museum of Modern Art. Outside was a rare sight, Wellington, not wearing his famous road cone ! He was sporting a trendy feathered number ? A short walk took me onto Buchanan Street, bustling with shoppers and on street entertainment. I was impressed by an artist who was painting a huge "mural of life", as he must have been seeing it at the moment. It was quite scary actually.

On emerging onto Byres Road later on I was very impressed by a display of vegetables across the road. So much so, I ended up going in and buying some fruit and veg. Can't beat a good bit of presentation. The old Mercedes sports car caught my eye, what a beauty. And finally, you would never guess the local elections are forthcoming. But where are the Tories?

Friday, 20 April 2007

Steven Lindsay at CCA 20.4.07.

A great gig was to be heard at the CCA in Glasgow last night. Steven Lindsay was in great form doing a selection of numbers from his new album, Kite. Well worth adding to your collection, I know I'll certainly be adding it to mine.

Monday, 16 April 2007

25 Years Ago in Hong Kong.

I was looking out over Clydebank tonight from the sitting room upstairs and wondered where I was when I was half my age. As all my negatives were filed on a regular basis,it was easy to find out. This was the view from the apartment I was staying in
at that time. Just a wee bit different!

River City Blues.

After "breaking" Bob's heart and leaving River City, actress Laura O'Donnell, who played Michelle Rafferty in the soap,needed some new photographs for her agent. We did a quick shoot in the studio and she left with a CD of her favourite ones in under
two hours.

Trip to the top of Ben Lomond

Thirty eight years later, I slogged my way to the top of Ben Lomond for the second time in my life, last weekend. The first time was on a school trip and I remember getting off at Rowardennan from the then functioning, Maid of the Loch. I seem to remember it being a lot easier in those days, mind you, I wasn't carrying 2 lts of water, 1 kilo of clementines, three bottles of beer and my camera. The view, which was spectacular, hadn't changed.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Anyone know their fungus?

Every year, mysteriously, my front garden gets invaded by an alien fungus! But what is it? Is it edible? Or is it even as I type poisoning the pigeons and the parakeets?

A nice wee studio session - done digitally

Digital photography is great for the studio, as my clients get lots to look at. And because I'm not using film there are huge cost savings. In this case the mum chose a sepia toned print, had it enlarged to 30x40 inches and mounted onto foamboard. It looked great.

Crunch game at Helensburgh!

Thursday night's showdown between Helensburgh and under-14 football league leaders Dumbarton proved a nail-biting experience - especially for fathers! Dumbarton, unbeaten this season, had their first match against the Helensburgh boys and were defeated 2-1. Here's number two son, who normally scores every time he plays, but in this game was happier to play a background role, setting things up for his team mates.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

A wee trip to see John Martyn at the Bein Inn

Monday night at the Famous Bein Inn, which is about five miles south of Perth. Just 40 or so folk had the privilege of listening to the great John Martyn, and his band, playing a secret gig in preparation for their forthcoming tour. I was so close I had to move back to get some decent photos! What an extraordinary gig! He played the whole of his classic 'Solid Air'. A brilliant night.