Todays Picture

Todays Picture
Squinty Bridge Glasgow

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Woodstock Legend Plays Glasgow's ABC.

What a gig!

Ritchie Havens, veteran of the first Woodstock 38, yes, 38 years ago played a very intimate gig at the ABC2 tonight. Now I have to admit, it slipped past my radar and I only found out about it a few days ago and didn't have time to arrange a photo pass. On arrival I was told " Nae camera's mate". Now after many years of blagging my way into gigs with my old pal Tom Morton, I learned a hard lesson. Never, ever, ever,ever try and negotiate with a Rock Steady security man as it is a complete waste of time. I duly put my cameras into security storage. Not to be deterred, I borrowed my girlfriends teensy weensy Lumix camera. Now this machine is not for somebody with big banana hands like me but the results were great under the circumstances.

I remember listening to Ritchie and the likes of Nick Drake, King Crimson, Spooky Tooth in the late sixties on my old Dansette record player. Aye, those were the days! None of my schoolmates could get it and thought I was weird as the Beatles were supposed to be the only band worth listening to. I never really liked the Beatles. Now the Stones on the other hand, no, let's not get sidetracked and get back to tonights gig. Ritchie has lost none of his rich gravelly
tones in fact, like most of his generation who are still touring, I would say, like a vintage wine, has improved with age.

He told the audience of his dismay that some scientific boffins had announced recently that Pluto was no longer a planet. A reassuring retort from the audience immediately came back. " Don't worry mate, everyone knows Pluto is only a dug". Only in Glasgow, but it did give him a laugh. Ever the gentleman, he blew his nose behind his guitar, played a final number and bowed out gracefully. Fantastic stuff.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Paul & Catherine's Big Day.

My young friend Paul, married his childhood sweetheart Catherine on 20 July 2007. Paul and Catherine met as teenagers. I had made it clear to Paul many years ago, that when he got married, I was taking the photographs, no arguments. Well, last year he gave me the date. It
was also the date of my birth.

I can tell you it was some wedding. Bonhill Parish, then off to Ross Priory on the Banks of Loch Lomond, what a setting, what a day. Great food, music and best of all, great company. It had been a fairly overcast day but later on as the sun was setting, I had to drag them down to the shore. What a finale to the photographic extravaganza, the cloud formation opened up and the shots to be had were spectacular. In the middle of the dancing and festivities I entered the main arena and totally unbeknown to me, I was presented with a birthday cake in front of all their guests. A totally humbling but greatly appreciated geture. I wish them all the best for the future.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

A Walk In the Park.

Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, reminds me a wee bit of Central Park in New York. " What" ! I hear you say, well I did say a wee bit. It always has a very varied mix of people milling around. Everyone from skate boarders to folk walking their dogs. Buildings pop up from behind the tree lines and
rows of flower beds, fountains, bridges and statues of the great and the good all add to the general laid back feel but like its counterpart in the "Big Apple", you wouldn't want to venture
into it alone after dark.

Trip to Aberdour.

I usually go racing to Tobermory on the west coast at this time of year but for the second successive year, I have had to bow out (no pun intended) due to work commitments. My oldest pal Alastair, that's him at the helm, however came to the rescue and invited me out on his new boat, Sonsie. It was only the second time I've sailed on the Forth and I was extremely surprised at how busy the shipping lanes are. When you get close up to some of these tankers, it is clear to see how dangerous it could be at sea, especially at night. One of the smaller islands had the look of a battleship. Alastair told me it had been made to look that way in order to try and fool the Luftwaffe into thinking it was a possible target.

We dried out in Aberdour Harbour in Fife and enjoyed a few beers and great food in the local pub. It is hard to believe, that only a few miles away on the other side of the river you find the capital city. Aberdour and the views it affords over the Forth could be anywhere. All in all a very relaxing sail and certainly not what I am used to. Can't wait for the next one.

A Wee Portrait.

Meet Eilidh (9), she came to the studio straight from her gymnastic class. We did a few more adventurous shots than normal and the one of her jumping looks great on 20 x 30 inch stretched canvas. Eilidh was great fun to work with and her mother was delighted with the results.