Todays Picture

Todays Picture
Squinty Bridge Glasgow

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Toms Latest

My old pal Tom Morton made one of his surprise visits tonight. "Well what do think of this"? he said.

Parked up up outside my house was his latest acquisition, aptly named "Violetta" for obvious reasons. Now I have never been able to work out why he seems to have urges to purchase old vehicles but in this case I could see why. I also own a camper van from the same era which has been in the garage for years and I keep saying next year I will liberate it from its prison but never get round to it. I will now. Why ? Because they
are fantastic. You just get in them and head off. It doesn't matter about where you might be going because when you get fed up, you just pull up, open a can of beer, cook something up and forget about everything.

I did comment on the flowery livery at the back and over the wheel arches of Toms machine. Are you a closet hippie Tom?

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

126 Years Old And Still Going Strong.

I was really worried about my "wee dug" Cleo recently as she started taking funny turns. So off to the vet we went.

Whilst we were waiting for our consultation, I got into a conversation with a lady who's cat was cowering in a basket. She told me a pal of hers had spent over £ 2000
in vets fees for her dog.

According to her records, the vet told me she will be 18 years old in September. Now in doggie years, that makes her 126. I couldn't believe she was that old as she belts all over the place like a spring chicken.

She is now on a course doggie Diazepam to "calm her down" and the funny turns have stopped. A bargain at £51.00 and that included a blood test.

I hope I'm still running around like her when I'm 126.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I'm A "Grandad" !

You know you are getting older when your old pals children start having their own. These photos have just arrived on screen.

Meet young Josh a few months into life and enjoying himself in sunny Brisbane. Josh is grandson to one of my oldest pals Joe. I met Joe when we were 13.

Now I wouldn't want to leave Josh's mum Emma out of all this, so here's one I took of her earlier, 1980 to be precise. Sorry Emma but you are far enough away for me to feel safe.

Can you see the resemblance ?

Friday, 1 August 2008

World's Yummiest Shortbread!!

I had a visit to the studio from my old friend Chrystal.

Now, Chrystal has recently started her own shortbread company and business is booming.
You can buy it at most Scottish airports and she had just won an order with Taggart's,
where you will now get a bottle of champagne to accompany your shortbread in your new Jaguar limo.

It is undoubtedly super delicious and the packaging is stunning.

If you don't believe me, call her on 01436 676677 and get some.

Message In A Bottle.

I was really touched by a birthday present I received from my old pal Tom and his wife
Susan in Spain recently.

Knowing my love of sailing, they presented me with this totally appropriate gift. The big question was, would it make it back to Scotland in one piece? Well, here's the proof that it did indeed make it to sunny Clydebank where it is now berthed safely on the mantle piece.

I think it looks great.

Sunny Spain.

Well I,m just back from a weeks break on the Costa Brava, it was fantastic.

For the first week, I enjoyed the luxury of staying in a private villa and a short walk later, you were on the beach or enjoying a coffee in one of the many bars in the quiet town of Callella. I also managed a first, BBQ'ing sardines.

There were fabulous cliff walks with great views over the sea which was great as I am not one for lying around on a beach, lovely as they were. I hired a car and went to Pubol for a look at the castle Salvador Dali renovated for his wife Gala. This was an amazing experience but quite spooky. It has been left in a permanent time warp with lots of subtle, as well as obvious features from the mind of the genius. Well worth a visit if you are ever in that neck of the woods.

My last three days, took me to the Hotel Garbi and what a view I got from the balcony. On the first night, there was a wedding taking place in the grounds down by the pool. I went for a look out of curiosity and I have to say that I wish there could be a few more like it back here in Scotland. Everything Al Fresco.

And finally, the sunrise and sunsets. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Today here in Scotland, it is raining, dull and I've just heard on the radio that there is a partial eclipse of the sun going on right now. Talk about rubbing salt in the wounds!!