Todays Picture

Todays Picture
Squinty Bridge Glasgow

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

New Energy.

I have been acutely aware of wind farms appearing out of nowhere over the past few years. Up above the city of Glasgow on the way to the Campsie Hills, I noticed a line of conventional pylons feeding the city with power. On the horizon there was yet another skyline of wind turbines. A couple of miles further on and up popped another.

I remember my grandfather telling me that there was a lot of controversy when the original pylons were erected across the country as they were also seen by some as a blight on the landscape.

Our dependency on energy is at an all time high and getting more and more by the day. In my opinion it is inevitable that we have to look at alternative sources or more catastrophic events as happened recently in the Gulf of Mexico will happen again.

We are funny about what is good and bad but I have never met anyone who has admitted they could get through life without electricity. Objectors argue that wind power is inefficient, well surely if we can get to the moon and back we are capable technologically of making it viable in the near future.

Taking the above into account, I don't mind them at all. I would put one in my garden like a shot but I have no doubt there would be a planning issue.