Todays Picture

Todays Picture
Squinty Bridge Glasgow

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Magical Loch Ard.

I have a great job!

On Thursday I was asked to take photos of a family reunion at the
Forrest Hills Hotel on the shores of Loch Ard. When you turn left after Aberfoyle, you enter another world. The scenery is stunning and this was a particularly cold but spectacular day. It reminded me of a Fenimore Cooper novel and right on queue, along came a canoe, fortunately not being paddled by Mohicans. It looked like they were having a great time.

The Forrest Hills Hotel was lit up like a Christmas tree and looked like an oil painting from the bottom of the drive. My wee dog spent no time in exploring and even joined me at the end of the jetty for a portrait.

The reunion party was brilliant as the family hadn't seen many of their close relatives for quite a while and getting them all together had been a mammoth task.

All this and less than an hour from the centre of Glasgow, fantastic!

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Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

Loch Ard. Magical indeed.

Love the "tantrum and tiaras" one too.

Sublime photos.

Am very envious.

Catherine in Switzerland.