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Todays Picture
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Friday, 30 November 2007

Tantrums & Tiaras.

A few years ago I covered a wedding and guess what? The bride Ilona, has started a new line in handmade tiaras.

Last Sunday I did a session for her soon to be launched web site. Yes, the wedding market is colossal. Dresses, limos, flowers, food, drink, cakes, invites, the list is
almost endless. I hadn't even thought about tiaras. She is already getting plenty of inquiries. As a young mum, it is a tidy way of earning a nice income without leaving home. Good luck to her I say.

Mind you, I reminded her that they should carry a

" don't get too close" warning. They are so intricate that close contact joins them together as you can see by her entanglement with her big sister at her own wedding.

It was very funny right enough.

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